Methodologies for setting prices

The Agency, in line with jurisdiction defined by the Energy Law, adopts the following methodologies:

Methodologies regulate:
  • conditions and methods of setting maximum revenue of energy entities
  • criteria and rules for the allocation of revenue for each customer category and group and
  • elements for the calculation and method of billing delivered electricity.

The establishment of maximum revenue level should enable the coverage of justified operational costs, as well as an adequte yield from money and investments placed efficiently during the performance of regulated energy activity.

Methodolgy defines criteria and rules which determine different tariff elements и tariffs for certain customer categories and groups, depending on the quantity of delivered energy and delivery conditions, power, season and daily delivery dynamics, delivery point and metering method and other characteristics. In addition, it defines the method of billing electricity delivered to final customers, i.e. of transmission and distribution services to system users.

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Methodologies for setting prices
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