Connection costs

The Agency adopts Methodology on setting costs of connection to electricity transmission and distribution systems which defines the method of billing and more detailed criteria for certain types of connections:

System operators adopt a document on the amount of connection costs set in line with this methodologies, along with norms for billing connection costs and unit costs for setting a part of system costs incurred by the connection of a facility to the system.

The document on the amount of costs of standard connections also included a detailed structure of set norms and the level of costs individually for each of the elements prescribed by this methodology (in terms of equipment, devices, material, works, project design, collection of documentation and creation of conditions for the construction of connection).

Based on principles of publicity and non-discrimination, system operators provide access to documents which serve as the basis for the establishment of connection costs, i.e. the level of costs and how they are established.

If, based on the data that have been submitted, as well as the data which the Agency may require in line with the Law, the Agency considers that the system operator has not adopted the documents on the level of connection costs in line with this methodology, upon the Agency’s request, the system operator will submit a new document established fully in line with this methodology 30 days upon the written request of the Agency.

The level of connection costs for standard connections is set once a year, at the latest by November 30 for the following calendar year. It may be modified during the year in case consumer prices index increases by more than 10% according to publicly-announced data of the body competent for statistical issues for the period prior to the adoption of a decision on the establishment of connection costs for standard connections until the level of these costs are modified – the Agency is informed on this.

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